Ted Catino - Entrepreneur and Experienced Multi-Industry Executive

Ted Catino

As lead investor and trusted advisor to 625 Investments, Inc., an opportunistic fund managed by his eldest son Theodore J. Catino, Ted Catino <http://tedcatino.weebly.com> continues to transition away from operating management and focus primarily on professional coaching. Ted consults with 625 Investments as needed helping the firm generate attractive returns through the strategic identification, buying, and selling of investment opportunities related to venture, private equity and real estate.

Ted and Becky Catino stand out as founders of Security National Automotive Acceptance Corporation (SNAAC), an indirect lending company in the automotive industry. As former co-CEO of the company, Ted Catino <https://www.pinterest.com/Ted_Catino> was instrumental in growing the company from a single location and a relationship with a single dealer to a large organization that serves thousands of dealers across 30 states. Under he and his wife's leadership, the company has also distinguished itself as the Greater Cincinnati Small Business of the Year and a recipient of the Thank You Foundation's Community Service Award.

Since selling SNAAC in 2011, Ted Catino has turned his focus primarily to providing guidance as a transition coach for recent retirees and an interview coach for those looking for new, professional positions.